Local, State, and College Police Departments and other Law Enforcement agencies are using this website to provide you with better service and improve communication.

The My Police Department website services allow you to do the following:

Send the Police Anonymous Crime Tips

Ask Questions or give Feedback to your Police agency

Commend an Officer or other police agency employee

All the forms on this website are sent using standard encryption methods to keep your messages private. You can send messages anonymously, though the option to attach personal contact information is available. This website does not collect or share personal data other than what you provide in your message to your agency.

A growing number of Police agencies are utilizing this website for the public they serve. Using this service allows messages to be encrypted during transport and also greater anonymity to the public. If you don’t see your Department here, let them know they should join or email us with your department state and name and we will pass along your email to the correct personnel at your agency.

*This site is not for emergency use. For emergencies in the United States and Canada you should always dial 9-1-1